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Almost every parent can relate to this dilemma – putting a new car seat cover in the morning just to have it end up with stains later in the day. Most of the stains are found at the back of the driver´s seat or the front passenger´s seat. How come? The doers are the seemingly harmless tiny tots enjoying their videos and squeaking in enjoyment. Guess what else they are doing while being delighted? Yes, they are kicking the back of your seat, with their shoes on. And yes, it looks like you´ll have to change your seat cover again.

Kids almost always kick their feet in the car, maybe due to being unconsciously bored or restless. It´s even worse when they consciously do it, like when they are having a tantrum and kicking the seat in front of them makes them feel better. Parents have to deal with this sad reality for their car, but they can definitely do something about it. There are two things that they can do, actually.

One thing that parents can do is to take off the shoes of their children when inside the car. This is definitely the simplest and maybe one of the most effective ways to avoid stains in the cover, despite the annoying kick that they will just have to deal with. Telling children to stop kicking is impossible. Well, you can tell them, but following is the part that´s impossible.

Of course, as a parent, you can always buy and install a car kick mat at the back of the driver´s seat and the front passenger seat, or at the back of every seat facing your children on their car seats. A car kick mat will keep your seat cover clean for a long time, so long as the children´s kicking is the only thing that gives it stain.

Okay, now that buying a car kick mat has been proven to be the best solution, choosing the best one in the market is the next thing to do. When choosing one, get the waterproof and washable one. That way, you can clean it just by simply wiping it with a wet cloth and without the need to remove the mat from the seat altogether. This allows parents to save time and easily keep their car clean. Time-savers are parents´ best friends.

Another factor that a good car kick mat should have is a long adjustable strap and a wide coverage that will cover the whole back part of the seat.

When the seats of the car already have a car kick mat, parents are saved from a lot of trouble and extra expenses that come with always washing the car seat covers. Buying a kick mat is indeed the smartest thing to do. It´s amazing how one simple car accessory can give much relief to parents at present.

Now, don´t ever think about having a do-it-yourself kick mat and waste time and energy coming up with a decent one. Just go get one from home stores and be even more amazed at how affordable it is.

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